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:Uploaded on Monday 6th Feb 2017

International Industrial Design Student Competition: TechINK Award 2017

Theme of 2017 : Home Smart Home - Smart Technology Creates Better Home

Registration Deadline 15th Feb 2017
Online Submission Deadline : 21st March 2017
Read this article for more information.

“TechINK” is a compound term created from the words “technology” and “ink”. “Technology” is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means for practical purposes, while “ink” is a pigmented fluid used for writing and printing ideas on paper or other medium. The combination of these two words signifies the nature of Industrial Design, where both technological knowledge and artistic creativity are required. TechINK Award is inline with the end goal of Industrial Design, which is to create products that are functionally useful and aesthetically pleasing. This award carries the vision to encourage the birth of more excellent ideas that are futuristic, fashionable yet practical.

About TechINK 2017

TechINK Award 2017 is an International Industrial Design Student Competition that is proudly co-organized by Beijing Intelligent Steward Ltd., Co. (ROOBO) and Tsinghua Art and Science Research Center Media Laboratory.

“Home Smart Home” is the theme of this year’s competition. It revolves around the concept "Smart Technology creates better Home”. We welcome all kind of creativity and innovation from participants, such as smart home devices, robots, audio-visual equipments, wearables and any other intelligent hardwares that is relevant to the theme.

Started in 2016, TechINK Award is a competition established with the aim to discover talents around the world. Technology has improved our lives through the convenience and intriguing purposes it has brought about. Products that have been created under the usage of artificial intelligence technology combined with mankind's creativity have always been around us in the form of smart home appliances. As such, we feel compelled to promote the progress of science and technology, which is the purpose of the establishment of this competition.

Through this award, we hope to provide a platform that encourages more creativity and innovation that will spur society to combine the idea of modern technologies with traditional values. We would like to encourage more individuals to be active creators who can contribute to the improvement of lifestyle all around the world.

Participation Criteria?

Students who are existing undergraduates, graduates or post-graduates in a tertiary institution, as well as those who graduated from university not more than one year when register for participation (graduated between 2016.2.15 and 2017.2.15), not limited to any major and nationality.

No registration fee is needed.

Theme of the Contest

Home Smart Home

Smart technology creates better home. We welcome all kinds of creativity and innovation from the participants, such as smart home devices, robot, audio-visual equipment, wearables and other intelligent hardware. Through this competition, we hope to provide a platform for the participants to communicate and unleash their potential, so that they can advance with the technology and create refreshing concept of smart home.

Participation Guideline


Interested students are required to register for an account on the official website ( and submit the application form by 2017.2.15. Students can join the competition as individuals or in teams of maximum 3 students.


Participants are required to submit their design concept online by 2017.3.21 through the official website. Participants are required to submit the following materials according to the requirements as stated below: Images/drawings of design idea – JPG format, landscape layout, size 900px height * 1280px width, resolution 72dpi, 3 images/drawings maximum, file size not more than 800KB per image/drawing; Text description – Chinese participants are required to submit Chinese and English text description online, while non-Chinese participants are required to submit only English text description online, PDF format, 300 words maximum. No personal information should appear on the submitted materials in any form. Any submission that does not fulfill the requirements will be disqualified automatically.


Participants shortlisted for the Final will be notified by 2017.4.15. Finalists are required to build the prototype for the design idea that they have submitted and mail to the given address between 2017.4.15 and 2017.6.21 Any late submission will be disqualified automatically. Finalists are required to be physically present in Beijing, China on 2017.7.19 for the Final and prize presentation ceremony as well as 2017.7.20 for the workshop. The submission for the Final should include the following: (details will be sent to the finalists separately): Mockup – To better demonstrate the design idea, participants can provide additional supporting materials, including but not limited to: working prototype, product demonstration video, etc.; Presentation PPT. The organizer will provide subsidy for the making of prototype on a reimbursement basis. The organizer will evaluate the received prototype and decide on the amount of subsidy. The subsidy will only be given to the participants after the prototype is received at the given address.

For more details visit the contest website

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