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HELPSHAREIDEAS.COM was an idea that inspires us to share and guide. We through this portal intend to help share and guide the students and provide project ideas so that they can implement their academic projects on their own.

For Academicians, students and Researchers, guides and shares the ideas in the field of Electronics and Technology with focus on hardware design, embedded, VLSI, Image Processing using Open CV, Antenna Design and design tools etc.

Also intends to provide the student and researchers design ideas, technology trends, course materials, electronic industry related news targeting the world wide students.

Through the scholarship information portal specifically designed for the Indian students, intends to share the scholarship related information.

Through One-Stop Student section, we intend to update our student fraternity regarding various entrance and board exams-details and guidelines from time to time. plans to translate the necessary articles and projects into the native languages of India, and make it available to our readers through our section “Native India”. We believe this will encourage our rural students and increase their interest towards Electronics and technology. Purpose is to make technical education to be made available in our local languages. Currently we are working on it. Native India Section will be launched in the first week of January 2017. wants to play an important role in coming days in bettering the lives of the technical illiterates. Hence as a step towards self-empowerment to locals, we also design websites and help in hosting for petty and small businessmen. Currently this service we offer free of cost for petty and small outlets of Bangalore city.