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:Uploaded on Monday 7th Nov 2016

ARM 7 Micro-Controller Based Vehicle Security System Using LPC 214X.

  • The project ideas is to have a secured vehicle control system, which is more reliable and cost effective.
  • Project uses the Arm 7 Micro-controller


Theft is one of the most common and oldest criminal behaviors. Where the ownership of a physical possession can be altered without the rightful owner's consent, theft prevention has been introduced to assert the ownership whenever the rightful owner is physically absent.

An anti-theft system is a device or method used to prevent or detect the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. Anti-theft systems have been around since individuals began stealing other people's property and have evolved accordingly to thwart increasingly complex methods of theft.

There are some of existing alarms and security systems have been used in modern cars. The majority of these systems are focusing on making of alarm voice if any one tries to enter inside the car. These systems are based on electronic circuits that receive signals from switches mounted on car doors or sensors mounted on a car body. Modern security systems are focusing on stopping car engine operation.

Components Required:

Below components can be used to implement the project.

  1. ARM 7 Micro Controller
  2. Regulated power supply unit
  3. Buzzer
  4. Key Pad
  5. Circuit Setup -Motors to explain fuel pump scenario
  6. Relays
  7. Camera
  8. LCD Display

Block diagram for the proposed project

HelpShareideas- Project with Codes Vehicle Security System using lpc 214x image
Fig 1: Block diagram of the proposed system.

Project Description:

This project proposes a simple electronic based security lock for an engine car. In particular, the design includes a keypad as an input, two relays as switches, and a microcontroller as a control unit. The keypad and the microcontroller were fitted in inside a car, whereas the output wires from the microcontroller were connected to two relays. The two relays were used to close the fuel pump circuits of a car and to close the camera circuit. By default, the fuel pump circuits of a car and the camera circuit are open.

The system is fully controlled by a microcontroller LPC 2148 from ARM7 family. A matrix keypad is interfaced to the microcontroller to enter the password. The entered password is compared with the password stored in the ROM of the microcontroller. If the password entered is correct, the fuel pump circuits close and the engine operate as normal. However, fuel pump remain open if a wrong password is entered and also the camera circuits close and captures the image of unauthorized access.

If user enters the password wrong for three successive times, buzzer will be turned on to alert the user/public. The block diagram of the system is shown in Fig 1

Applications of the project

  • It is cost effective anti theft system, which can be expected to drastically reduce the automobile thefts.
  • This security system works perfectly all the time. It is clear that the current design is very simple and can be handled very easily. The system is simple, reliable and has been successfully tested.

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