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A Guide to the World Of Engineering And Technology

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:Updated on Monday 31st July 2017
Element 14 : $1,000 to Change the World - Winners Announced. International Industrial Design Student Competition: TechINK Award 2017. VALEO INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2017. Nikon Small World In Motion 2017 DIGITAL VIDEO COMPETITION. ASME’s global E-Fests : Student Design Competition. International Hardware Design Contest 2017. Theme: FPGA for INTERNET-OF-THINGS. ARM 7 Micro-controller based Color sensor for Textile Industries using LDR. ARM 7 Based Automatic Accident Alert and Safety System using GPS & GSM Interface. ARM 7 Micro-Controller Based Vehicle Security System Using LPC 214X. Germany to have the World's First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train Coradia iLint. Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2016 winners announced. Microchip’s 13th Annual India MASTERs Conference to be held in Bangalore. Design Of Dual Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna For Wireless Applications. Fabrication of Dual Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna For Wireless Applications. Analysis Of Results Of Dual Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna For Wireless Applications. Analysis Of Antenna Radiation Patterns Of Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna. Educational Mega - 2017 CHALLENGE: SMART CITIES for Student Members of IEEE by IEEE Council on RFID (CRFID) Zigbee Based Home Automation - Monitoring & Controlling using ARM7 LPC2148. Automated Intelligent Power Saving System and DTMF based Multiple Appliances Control. Beagle bone black based Smart Street or Room Lightning system. Artificial Intelligence system to help assist Doctors to diagnose rare diseases. A brief Introduction to Internet of Things – IoT Are Self-Driving Cars are Safe? Molecular Machine Makers Win Nobel Prize in Chemistry Google Wants Robots to Acquire New Skills by Learning From Each Other One-Nanometer Gate Dimensions for Transistors Have Been Achieved Sending Passwords Through Your Body Could Be More Secure Than Transmitting Them Over The Air Smart Automated E-ticket System for Public transportation System Face and Bio-metric Based Attendance System using Arduino BEAGLE BONE BLACK based smart home automation. DTMF BASED ROBOT using ZIGBEE AND ARM 7 Wirelessly controlled ROBOT Based on ARM 7 Smart Irrigation using DTMF and 8051 Micro-Controller