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One of Dream project of; plans to translate the necessary articles and projects into the native languages of India, and make it available to our readers through our section “Native India”. We believe this will encourage our rural students and increase their interest towards Electronics and technology. Purpose is to make technical education to be made available in our local languages.
Hence as a trial basis we have selected Kannada and Hindi.Currently we are working on it. Native India Section will be launched in the first week of January 2017.

Kindly Visit this Section again , as we will soon launch this page

Beagle bone black based Smart Street or Room Lightning system. Zigbee Based Home Automation - Monitoring & Controlling using ARM7 LPC2148. Artificial Intelligence system to help assist Doctors to diagnose rare diseases. A brief Introduction to Internet of Things – IoT Are Self-Driving Cars are Safe? Automated Intelligent Power Saving System and DTMF based Multiple Appliances Control. ARM 7 Micro-controller based Color sensor for Textile Industries using LDR. Design Of Dual Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna For Wireless Applications. Fabrication of Dual Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna For Wireless Applications. Analysis Of Results Of Dual Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna For Wireless Applications. BEAGLE BONE BLACK base smart Room automation Smart Automated E-ticket System for Indian Public transportation System Face and Bio-metric Based Attendance System using Arduino BEAGLE BONE BLACK base smart home automation. DTMF BASED ROBOT using ZIGBEE AND ARM 7 Wirelessly controlled ROBOT Based on ARM 7 Smart Irrigation using DTMF and 8051 Micro-Controller